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Your Trusted Partners in Home Health & Hospice Care


Nayar Health Care is a leading healthcare provider. Our focus is to provide the highest quality of Home Health and Hospice Care services to patients in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Providing Personalized Treatment

Together, we can customize and carry out a care plan offered in the comfort of your own home.

Skilled Home Health Care

Specially qualified with skills to take care of your health with professional nursing care and therapies aimed at healing and recovery.

Compassionate Care for End-of-Life Comfort

At Nayar Health Care, we see Hospice as part of our life’s beautiful journey. We are privileged to walk that road with your family and loved ones.

Our Medical Specialist Care About You & Your Family’s Health

“They listen. They hear every word I say. They all have the best hearts, it’s like one big smile.”

-Deborah Deffendall, West Point, Virginia

NHC Professionals

Our Care Team is a dedicated, elite group of professionals. We believe that each patient deserves the compassionate care that we are known for.

Medical Excellence

We measure medical excellence by making sure we use the highest quality procedures and products available. Nayar Health Care uses best-in-care practices, focusing on your family’s health, recovery, and comfort.

All Patients Are Admitted Within 24-48 Hours

Including Weekends


5 star review
“Mary and I met A K Nayar when he first started his home health care business and were fortunate to give him his first patient referral. Now, as then, we have found him and the entire Nayar Health Care team to be focused on their dedication to providing the best patient care possible. The emphasis is always in putting the patient first. We have never hesitated in referring patients to them, and they have never let us or the patient down. They are by far the best we have seen in 35 years of practice.”
-Charles E Brehmer MD & Mary Brehmer LPN

The Nayar Health Care Advantage:

Get the ideal help that both you or your loved ones need.

We fulfill our promises! Our team focuses on being efficient, punctual, and engaging. The care we are proud to offer is a culmination of the sincerity and experience we have.
Technology Benefits
As one of the only cloud-based systems in the United States, Nayar Health Care is a leader in providing advanced technology in the home health industry. Our technical team is up-to-date with all of the latest techniques.
Creative Health Care Solutions
At Nayar Health Care, we are aware that everyone has individual needs. Sometimes ideal solutions must be tailored to fit with what our patients need. Our creative solutions will leave you delightedly surprised and pleased with the services we offer.
Care From Passionate Doctors & Nurses
Showing compassion with every patient! Our patients are more than just another number. Our patients are valued and treated the way all people should be, with patience, understanding, and empathy. Every member of our Care Team is passionate, caring, and invested in helping our patients.
Our Terrific Team
Our team at Nayar Health Care works tirelessly to offer the best service possible. Our team members communicate seamlessly to make sure that all of our patients get the best care possible.
24/7 Emergency Services
Our Emergency Services are available 24/7, so you know you will be taken care of no matter what time it is.
Security Focused
Through email encryption and industry standards, we make sure that your medical information is as private as you would want it to be.
With ACHC Accreditation, Nayar Health Care is ensuring the highest standards in healthcare delivery.
Comfort & Quality
We offer the highest level of quality care, all while ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible in your home.

The Local Touch You Deserve

Nayar Health Care is privately owned and operated. Meaning you are never more than a few steps away from the owner of the company. Because the chain of communication is close to the heart of the company, decisions are made quickly, and the organization is agile. We offer the kind touch that many larger businesses cannot. Our close location to our patients provides a more authentic interactive approach.

Together, we can reduce re-hospitalization one patient at a time.

Nayar Health Care connects with the medical community in our service area to reduce re-hospitalization one patient at a time. We create lasting relationships with local Physicians, PCP Offices, Discharge Planners & Case Managers in Hospitals, as well as Care Managers & Administrators at Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation Facilities. We care about what is vital to our health care partners in their home health and hospice expectations. We are clear on their requirements with timeliness and their patient’s clinical needs.