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At Nayar Hospice, we believe that planning is essential to have an uplifting and peaceful end of life experience. Misconceptions about Hospice are common. It is often thought of as a last resort when Curative medicine has given up or failed. While entering into a hospice program requires a physician-assisted terminal diagnosis of 6 months or less, it is not hopeless. Hospice Care focuses on comfort, and comfort can lead to an improved quality of life.


“The end can be beautiful. Don’t do it on your own.”
-Pam Poindexter

Nayar Hospice Care

The word “hospice” comes from the Latin “hospitium” meaning guesthouse. It originally described a place of shelter for weary and sick travelers returning from religious pilgrimages. In our modern-day, we still see Hospice as part of our life’s beautiful journey, and we are privileged to walk that road with our patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure quality of life for terminally ill patients and their families through holistic care and treat each patient with respect, dignity, and honor.

“After months of trying to get my mother admitted to hospice with another co…KP at GoDocs made an earnest appeal to Nayar Hospice and Mom was taken immediately. The nurses, chaplain, and social worker were 5 stars… Love to all. Thank you.”– D. Lolsmith
Compassionate care that celebrates the individual, not an illness
Symptom management – with a focus on minimizing pain and maximizing comfort
Full medication review and coverage of hospice-related prescriptions
Short-term inpatient care
Medical equipment and supplies
Supportive therapies
Bereavement support for your family

What can Hospice do for me?

Questions of life and death are not easily answered. Hospice focuses on life care, as well as counseling and medical support, with a focus on relief of discomfort during the end of life process.

At Nayar Hospice, we provide a radically personalized service that incorporates planning and medical care. We focus on relieving patients of the burdens presented by endless office appointments that deplete energy better spent on loved ones and living.

Hospice is for living your best life. At Nayar Hospice, we offer a full spectrum of services for you and your family. From home-based nursing care and professional hygiene assistance to non-judgmental emotional and spiritual support. We dedicated ourselves to taking care of the things that prevent you from focusing on your life, your loved ones, and your comfort.

Care & Comfort That Honors Life’s Journey

How to choose the right Hospice provider for you?

We want you to be confident when choosing NHC. We encourage you to: 

Ask about the frequency of visits and make sure that is in accordance with your needs.

Make sure that any equipment that is needed in the house is ordered promptly by NHC and placed in the home quickly.

We will come to your home with respect and focus on you, answering any questions you have.

Hospice Care Team

Nayar Health Care’s core Hospice Staff includes:




Nurse Aids

Social Workers


Patient-Driven Care

When a patient begins care with Nayar Health Care’s Hospice Division, our primary focus is their care and comfort. Everything our team does is patient-driven. Together with the patient’s loved ones and family members, patients are made comfortable and peaceful for the rest of their life.

Nayar Hospice Care provides support for the patient’s emotional, social, and spiritual needs as well as medical conditions as part of treating the whole person. Our Hospice team includes Chaplain, Social Workers, RNs, and LPNs. All of which organize and working together for the patient’s benefit.


  1. When Nayar Hospice assesses a patient for the first time, we want to get an understanding of where the patient is. Not only physically, but mentally as well, understanding that this can be a very stressful and confusing time. 
  2. Next, Nayar Hospice makes sure that the patient is comfortable and has everything they need. Medications for treating pain and other symptoms, as well as medical supplies and equipment, are part of the care provided by Nayar Hospice. Some patients do not have any pain, and they may still be doing their day-to-day activities. In this phase, our NHC team will provide any assistive devices or previsions to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible, ensuring they stay comfortable. 
  3. Third, Nayar Hospice will focus on the family to make sure there is a family or a caregiver available. 

How can we afford Hospice?

Medicare and Medicaid covers Hospice care at 100% with no out of pocket expense.


Nayar Health Care is Medicare Certified & ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) Accredited

ACHC is a well respected and recognized accrediting organization dedicated to ensuring the highest level of health care delivery and maintain compliance. Since 1986, ACHC has become synonymous with providing excellent customer service, integrity, and value to ensure that we obtain the highest quality accreditation to provide excellent patient care. Continued compliance with ACHC ensures Nayar Health Care will have sound practices and protocols which provide for an exceptional care delivery model that complies with the guidelines.

Nayar Health Care Award

IFAH - International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare has presented Nayar Health Care with the: