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National Physical Therapy Month

Let’s come together and raise awareness of physical therapy as a safe, effective alternative route to medication such as opioids to treat chronic pain conditions. It’s also a time to celebrate the outstanding work done by health professionals to restore and maintain function and improve people’s lives without using potentially harmful and addictive medication. At Nayar Health Care, we think of Physical Therapy as “the safer way to manage pain.”

Under Construction

The new Nayar Health Care Headquarters project is coming together in Ashland, Virginia! Thanks to the partnerships between the NHC team and contractors from Conquest, Moncure, & Dunn, Inc. this project has kicked in to high gear to meet the goal of opening it’s doors in December of 2022!

“Mary and I met A K Nayar when he first started his home health care business and were fortunate to give him his first patient referral. Now, as then, we have found him and the entire Nayar Health Care team to be focused in their dedication to providing the best patient care possible. The emphasis is always in putting the patient first. We have never hesitated in referring patients to them and they have never let us or the patient down. They are by far the best we have seen in 35 years of practice.” –Charles E Brehmer MD & Mary Brehmer LPN

Is Hospice Right for Your Loved One?

Hospice is for living your best life. We offer a full spectrum of services at Nayar Hospice for you and your family. Home-based nursing care, professional hygiene assistance, and non-judgmental emotional and spiritual support. We dedicated ourselves to taking care of the things that prevent you from focusing on your life, your loved ones, and your comfort.

Keep Memory Sharp

Memory games are a fun method of exercising your mind to improve your memory. Like our bodies, the brain needs regular use to stay healthy and sharp. Memory games challenge the mind and help the gray matter in our brains—the part that impacts memory—grow and expand. Research has shown that just 15 minutes each day of brain training can improve brain function. So give Sudoku, crossword puzzles, or a card game to flex that mind!

“I want to personally thank You & the clinical staff including Hospice for the wonderful care you all provide to our patients. I have had multiple patient’s & family members call me to say what a wonderful job you all provide to our community.”
-Karen L Plum, Practice Manager, Go Docs Family Medicine Mobile

Apple Pie Punch, Taste of the Season

Instructions & Ingredients:

  • 4 Cups of Apple Cider

  • 1 Cup Pear Nectar (Can substitute with White Grape Juice if you cannot find any.)

  • Cups Ginger Ale

  • 1 Apple, diced (Cortland, Spartan, Empire, and Gala work well!)

  • Combine apple cider, pear nectar, and ginger ale into a pitcher or punch bowl. Throw in the apples and enjoy!

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